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The Pennsylvania Phase 3 WIP Community Clean Water Action Plan Coordinator and Implementation Grants webinar is for counties with a completed Countywide Action Plan and are entering the implementation phase. Counties will receive the application for a Community Clean Water Action Plan Coordinator (CCWPAC), as well as an application to be eligible for project implementation funding. This webinar will provide a live demonstration on how to apply for your county’s CCWPAC and Implementation Grant through E-grants.  

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Overview and basic features learners need to use Clean Water Academy

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This is a short free online course for SEO's.  It includes a tour and overview of some of the features of Clean Water Academy.  Every SEO that completes this course will receive one credit. 

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Introduction to the functions of the DEP -Bureau of Clean Water.

State of the Air: Currently there is a perception out there that our air quality is bad and getting worse. Participants of this presentation will walk away with a different perspective on the current state of our air and understand the great progress that has been made towards improving it.FeedbackSCORM packageE-learning

Lunch and Learn on Centralia mine fire

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Welcome to the Bureau of Clean Water Lunch and Learn Series. This course contains recorded Lunch and Learn presentations...enjoy!


This web-based training will assist MS4 permittees with developing mapping for their Pollutant Reduction Plans.

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30 minute introductory overview of the history of NPDES Permitting in Pennsylvania

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This course covers six areas of the State Water Plan.  The six components summarized in the training include History of the State Water Plan, State Water Plan Update of 2009, Ongoing State Water Planning, Proposed Update Work Plan, Serving on a Regional Committee. This course is introductory in nature.

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