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Premier Tech Looking for Experimental Sites.

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Premier Tech Looking for Experimental Sites.
by SEO Alert - Wednesday, May 31, 2023, 10:55 AM

The Alternate Onlot Sewage Pretreatment Technology Verification Policy (TVP) (#385-2208-003) provides guidance for testing and verifying the performance of on-lot alternate sewage system and component technologies for manufacturers seeking general classification as an On-lot Alternate Technology in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The guidance provides a consistent approach for the submission, review, and approval/disapproval of alternate pretreatment technologies. The approval process consists of three main steps: 1) Administrative review of the documents submitted with the application and verification of 3rd party certification; 2) Third-party field-testing; 3) Final approval of the technical guidance document and selection of the monitoring program. Please review the TVP TGD for a better understanding of the process.

Premier Tech Water and Environment (PTWE) entered the TVP program to have their product Ecoflo Linear Biofilter EL30 classified as an advanced secondary treatment alternate on-lot technology in PA. They have received 3rd party certification, and have entered the 2nd step of the process, field verification of their technology. They have developed a test plan which is in the process of being reviewed by the Department. Part of the test plan is the choosing of locations where the technology will be installed and tested. The manufacturer requested that the Department reach out to SEOs to see if anyone may be aware of acceptable residental sites for PTWE’s technology to be field tested. If so, SEOs could provide PTWE’s contact information to the property owner to see if they would be willing to have the Ecoflo Linear Biofilter EL30 installed on their property and tested. The contact information is as follows:

Kyle Dierolf at 410-739-6063 or by email

Once a site is identified, PTWE will request approval of the site from the Department. Note, this is a preliminary approval until the test plan has been approved by the Department. Once the test plan is approved, the Department will provide a “general” experimental classification of the technology to all SEOs through the SEO News process. Once this notice is provided, the property owner will be able to submit an experimental permit application to the SEO for approval. The SEO will use the “general” experimental classification for the siting, design and installation requirements for the permit. The Department hopes to have the test plan approved in the next 30-60 days, so keep a look out for the “general” experimental classification. Additional information will be provided to SEOs permitting this technology by the Department to help the SEO navigate the technical verification process for this technology. Please do not permit this system without consulting with the Department.

Here is a short description of the new PTWE product that will be tested in PA:

The Ecoflo linear biofilter has successfully completed testing according to the CAN/BNQ 3680-600 standard Class B-IV (TSS ≤ 10 mg/L, CBOD5 ≤ 10 mg/L). This certification includes a primary/septic tank, an effluent filter, a dosing device, and several treatment modules (proportional to the flow to be treated) positioned on a sand layer.

Treatment modules are designed to treat up to 6.44 gallons per linear foot of filtration pad. Wastewater travels through the perforated distribution channel of each treatment module and is dispersed onto the surface of the filtration pads.

Treatment begins as wastewater percolates through the pads. Particles are filtered while microorganisms within the pads perform an aerobic degradation of organic matter. Open air channels support aerobic bacterial growth. Treatment is completed in the sand layer beneath the pads. Treated water returns to the environment by infiltrating into the soil directly beneath the Ecoflo linear biofilter.

The pads reduce oxygen demand in the sand, minimizing clogging by removing a significant fraction of the organic matter that would have otherwise generated biosolids within the sand. This treatment system makes it possible for treated wastewater to achieve a B-IV treatment level per the CAN/BNQ 3680-600 standard (for example, less than 10 mg/L in term of BOD5 and TSS). 

If you have any further questions, please contact Annamaria De Sanctis by phone at 484–250–5032 or email