MCM 1 and 2: Susquehanna Twp. and PA Turnpike Commission

Presentation by Madison Smith (Susquehanna Twp.) & Jim Kaiser (PA Turnpike Commission)

Madison will be presenting on MCM 1 and MCM 2. Within MCM 1 she will be presenting on educational topics she found interested residents and target audiences, ways of opening communications, and the avenues of outreach that generate responses. As for MCM 2, she will discuss how the avenues of outreach from MCM 1 can be reused to gather interest on PIPP programs, developing PIPP programs both in group settings and COVID settings, and coordinating PIPP programs with virtual learning to cover both MCM 1 and MCM 2 with only one program.

Mr. Kaiser’s presentation will provide a little bit of background information on the PA Turnpike’s MS4 and then explain what the Turnpike does for MCM 1&2. In this discussion, he will also compare/contrast what they do to what a municipality might typically do for their program.