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    Drowning in Plastic - 8-19-20 - (Webinar)

    Course Sponsor: Penn State Extension



    Course Instructor: Jodi Sulpizo

    Plastics have become such a major part of our lives and many discarded plastics end up in our waterways. Over time, plastics will break down into smaller pieces called microplastics, but they will never go away. This presentation will focus on plastic waste, especially microplastics, their impacts to our environment and our health, and what you can do to help stem the tide.

    Jodi Sulpizio is a Natural Resources Educator for Penn State Extension in York. She also coordinates the Master Watershed Steward Program and the Gypsy Moth Program in York County. As the Master Watershed Steward Coordinator, she supervises over 80 volunteers who are actively educating York County citizens about water resources and are implementing best management projects such as riparian forest buffers, rain gardens, bioswales and more. She was a former Naturalist for the York County Parks and Manheim Township Parks. She is a graduate of Penn State University where she majored in Environmental Resource Management with a focus on water resources. Jodi is passionate about empowering both citizens and volunteers to protect environmental resources.

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