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  • Part 2 - Minimum Control Measures (MCM)

    Course Sponsor: PADEP, Bureau of Clean Water, NPDES Permitting Division



    Course Instructor: Jamie Eberl, Environmental Engineering Specialist, MS4 Section

    This course was developed to provide citizens of municipalities regulated by Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permits with a basic understanding of MS4 permit requirements. 

    All MS4 permittees are required to develop, implement, and enforce a Stormwater Management Program (SWMP). The SWMP consists of six Minimum Control Measures (MCMs) that must be implemented in order to reduce the discharge of pollutants from the MS4 to the maximum extent practicable, to protect water quality, and to satisfy the water quality requirements of the Clean Water Act and Pennsylvania Clean Streams Law. 

     This course will provide an overview of three MCMs:

    • MCM 4 – Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control;
    • MCM 5 – Post-Construction Stormwater Management in New Development and Redevelopment; and
    • MCM 6 – Pollution Prevention / Good Housekeeping.

    This course contains a completion certificate for 1.5 credit hours. 

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